Render the Debate Moot!!! Getting Over the Climate Wars.

A lot of time, energy and resources are being wasted arguing for or against the merits of the Climate Change/Global Warming/Greenhouse Gas debate.  Some debate that it doesn’t exist, while others are adamant that it will shut down the earth in thirty, twenty or ten years.  Others claim that humans are responsible for these problems, while the other side does not agree.  Why not just make the whole debate a non-issue.  Settle the whole argument once and for all.  That is exactly what we are going to do at TogetherWeCanFixThis.

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Technology developed over the last two years will allow us to replace every internal combustion engine, every fossil fuel power plant, all nuclear reactors and make solar and wind power obsolete.  This technology will allow us to replace all of these other energy production methods with no, zero, change in energy availability to the consumer.  We call this Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power.

Once this technology is on the open marketplace it can start replacing what we currently use.  As we eliminate each mode of polluting power source, the load of toxins being introduced to our air and water will be drastically reduced.  At this point we will see one of two things.  Either the Climate Change/Global Warming/Greenhouse Gas problem will be reversed, or nothing at all will happen.  Either way, the debate will be at an end.  No more war of words, heated arguments, name calling, temper tantrums, hair pulling or eyeball scratching.  End of story!!!


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