Case Study #1, Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power: Coal

This is the first in a series of examples of how Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power can initially cut, then practically eliminate, everyone’s carbon footprint worldwide.

Coal, one of the fossil fuels.

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The largest polluting sector in the U.S., as far as energy production is concerned, is coal-fired power generation.  This source, unfortunately is fairly cheap and plentiful.  Only requiring that we bull-doze a couple of mountain ranges to find enough to keep these plants going every day.  Technology wise this source has been around for a couple of hundred years.  It makes for a simple and fairly reliable source of heat to boil water.  The steam created turns turbines that, coupled with a generator, provide us with electricity. 

Unfortunately coal has some serious drawbacks.  The dangers to those who actually do the mining is significant.  Collapses and cave-ins are way too frequent.  The environment in a mine has serious effects on the miners health in the long run.  Once the coal reaches the power plant is where it begins to impact all of us.  Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and other harmful chemicals.  Also produced are certain levels of radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium and plutonium.

Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power is designed to replace and eliminate the need for any coal-fired power generation.  I have focused on coal first since over half of our power in the U.S. comes from this source.  It is also the most polluting of the various energy resources currently used.  By eliminating coal usage we will seriously lower our emissions and be on the road to reducing our carbon footprint to well below the worldwide average.

One of the greatest benefits of Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power is that it can be located anywhere.  No need to transmit it long distances.  Thereby making it more affordable.  This power can be placed near or in a city to make it more accessible to the communities that need it.  Unused buildings could be converted to power stations which would eliminate the need to build structures to house the generation units.  As this source does not require cooling, water usage would be negligible.  Buildings are not necessary as the units are sealed, but for aesthetic reasons can be housed anywhere.

A medium size Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power unit could be placed on site of any manufacturing business and supply 100% of the power it needs.  This would afford the company using this supply to meet all it’s needs independent of the grid.  fluctuating power costs would no longer drive the cost of production.  Allowing for more profits, or allowing the company to lower prices and capture a larger market share, or both.

In smaller sizes Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power could supply all the needs of an individual apartment complex or even a single family dwelling.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power, go to

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