The Site

TogetherWeCanFixThis was created to introduce and bring attention to a new technology that will replace just about every source of power worldwide.  This technology, contrary to what we now use, is clean, sustainable, renewable and does not require its users to change their lifestyle in any major way.  As a matter of fact it will actually improve most users lifestyle in some interesting ways.

The site was originally going to be set up as a non-profit.  That has changed.  The main reason it has changed is that the costs of setting up the non-profit would seriously detract from the funds needed to continue the design and prototyping of the design.  Plus the personal energy of running both a business, reasearch and do proper justice to running a non-profit was more than I could handle.  Eventually I do intend to create a non-profit charity to handle the distribution of the power units to benefit those who have absolutely no way to afford the benefits of the design.

About Me and The Design

I am an individual, not a corporate entity.  I have worked on the design of this new technology for the last couple of years.  I had been a fan of renewable and alternative energy for many years, starting with interest in old issues of Mother Earth News.  With all the hoopla about Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases over the last few years, I got interested in these technologies again. 

In mid 2009 I was researching, as was my habit, various possible alternative power sources and stumbled on one video among many that showed how to create a simple motor.  The gentleman was showing how to create the spin of a motor by hand and was very successful.  When he exchanged his hand motion for a mechanical simulation of that movement, he got his ratios all wrong and it failed.  What did not fail is that it hit me that he was going about it all wrong.  I began studying even more of this type of design and found that every single person trying to create power in this way used the same flawed technique over and over.  I also found that these methods had been tried and have been unsuccessful for more than a hundred years.

Without giving away the design, I have found a way to overcome the obstacles to success that each of these researchers have met.  At this time I am preparing to start making prototypes to further refine the design and get ready for practical demonstrations.

I have always had an inquisitive frame of mind, which added to what I call a sense of intuitive design has allowed me to solve many problems in the jobs that I have held.  Even in high school while researching for a paper at the Army Transportation Museum I was able to figure out why a well-known experiment in flight failed within about five minutes of studying the design and test report.  These same skills have helped me in many of the jobs I have had as a pipefitter on submarines, as a firefighter/EMT, even as a bartender, waiter and bouncer.

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