Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Footprint

What are the benefits of Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power?

If you came to this page first, you may want to get a bit of background here before continuing.


A lifestyle neutral power option would eradicate all the dirty generation of energy that we use today.  The eliminating of digging, transporting, burning and the attempt at “cleaning” coal.  The disastrous drilling whether on land or sea of oil, shale, sands or any other of the fossil fuel varieties.  Bypass the need to transport these oil products by ship or pipeline with their inherent risks.  Completely negate the need for foreign oils, fuels or energy products imported into the country.

Lifestyle neutral power would also lessen the need for people to install and keep up personal solar panels and wind generators.  More beautiful homes and unobstructed views of the sky would result.  And those skies would be cleaner and prettier to look at.  Breathing would no longer be a chore for the breathing impaired.

Since lifestyle neutral power can be generated anywhere we would no longer need to transfer power from a faraway plant.  This would make it less expensive due to power losses inherent in that mode of supply.  A big plus would be the elimination of all those ugly high-voltage towers.  Making the sky visible and safer for aircraft.  And more important, no one would have to live underneath them anymore.

Local power generation could also allow for a separated system of delivery.  This would break the local grids into smaller bites.  Allowing for some of the power generators to survive a storm, tornado or hurricane, leaving rescue efforts with power available nearby. 

 One of the greatest benefits of this type of power is that the first of the units produced could be used to power the manufacturing facility.  Immediately cutting by half or more the costs associated with producing the power units.  Plus, as will be covered better later, the trucks or trains transporting the units can be converted to use this same kind of power, eliminating the major costs of fuel from the distribution of these units.


By using lifestyle neutral power the need for any other power source is eliminated.  Gone would be any fossil fuel based power generation.  Internal combustion engines would be a thing of the past also.  All fuel sources that are either mined or drilled out of the earth would no longer be needed.  This would result in cleaner land, sea and air quality.  This would allow us to focus on Superfund sites that need attention and stop the creation of new sites.  Better air, water and land for everyone.  And we don’t have to wait until 2030 to see any results!


Converting all government facilities to lifestyle neutral power, whether it is local, state or federal, would cut the costs of government doing business.  Add to that the conversion of all government fleets to lifestyle power would again cut costs.  New vehicles could be purchased using this power and existing vehicles could be upgraded to this power.  The incremental savings in fuel costs could underwrite the conversion operations.  This could be accomplished during regular maintenance cycles. 

Think about what converting the nation’s school buses would allow.  The $2 billion fuel bill that comes from running these buses could be used to better pay our teachers.

Building and installing or swapping over these new power supplies will also create jobs, increase our tax base and allow each individual to pay less taxes.  Jobs and less taxes? sign me up!


The adoption of lifestyle neutral power would actually be lifestyle positive since after converting to this power source no one would ever have to stop at a gas station.  Unless you needed a restroom break!  Nor would they have to stop and plug their car into an outlet and wait for the charge cycle to end. 

Our vehicles would no longer carry volatile fuels, be it gas, or hydrogen, or propane or natural gas.  Safer vehicles with a greatly reduced need for maintenance.  This new power source uses a hundredth of the moving parts that even the simplest engine contains.  Add to that the complete end of pollutants created by the internal combustion engine.

Even better is the fact that any car, motorcycle, truck, suv or semi can be converted to lifestyle neutral power.  Another plus is that trains and ships, both of which are major pollutants can also be converted.  Prop-driven airplanes could also be converted.  And if future designs permit, we could also see jets converted to these units.  No more brown crud in our skies!


As listed above in the government section, the military would greatly benefit from this power source.  Bases would be grid independent, vehicles would be no longer be limited by fuel range.  Imagine an Abrams tank that could, if the tracks didn’t wear off, travel from coast to coast with no stops for fuel.  A tank like this would have a greatly reduced heat signature, and would also have no motor noise to give away its position! 

Extend that to all of our military vehicles, land sea and air, and we would have force extension like no one has ever seen.  Again at reduced taxpayer cost.  Or funnel those monies into troop retention, better technologies or multiplication of existing forces.


Exporting this technology to other countries would benefit us in many ways.  Firstly, international use or need for fossil fuels would end, dramatically altering our use of resources worldwide.  A global cleaning of our air and water would be beneficial to all of us.  Destruction, for fuel purposes of our rainforests, would end.  Cost effective distribution of water would allow us to reclaim land that cannot otherwise produce crops, also ending the destruction of important forests.  In developing countries we could finally provide clean power for electricity to refrigerate food and much needed medicines.  While also providing clean water to those without.

Projects using lifestyle neutral power.

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