When can we get this lifestyle neutral power?

 If you came to this page first, you may want to get a bit of background here before continuing.

 The initial design stage of this power source has taken the last two years to develop.  Prototype building and testing is the next step.  Once prototypes are built and tweaked to maximize efficiency and ease of manufacture, patents will be obtained and we can be off to the races!  At current levels of funding this could take several years to bring to market.  With an increase in funding, that time could be cut considerably shorter.  If you are interested in helping out, you can contact me at


The design of this power source can and will be scalable from personal pocket size to immensely huge industrial size.  With this fact, multiple product lines will be needed to simultaneously produce these power packs. 

Small packs to power laptops and charge phones anywhere, while never plugging them into a wall to recharge batteries.  Indeed we could eliminate the batteries entirely on some models. 

Medium power packs to take the place of internal combustion engines in lawnmowers and weed eaters.  These could also replace portable gas powered generators for construction sites.  Power to water pumps for potable water and crop irrigation.

Larger packs could replace engines in cars and trucks.  Making them only slightly larger to handle dump trucks, city and school buses and construction vehicles.  This size would also convert pleasure boats to a non-polluting source.

Even larger packs would be used to power trains, semi tractor-trailers, fishing boats and small patrol boats.  As the size of the vehicle increases, so would the power pack.  Sizes could be scaled up to handle manufacturing processes, large ships and cruise ships.  You would also power large warships, aircraft carriers and entire cities in the larger sizes.


This design consists of a uniquely designed primary power generator.  This primary is used to initiate a secondary scalable power generator which will in turn power an extremely efficient electric motor.  All three components are radically different from any other design you have ever seen.

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