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Case Study #1, Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power: Coal

This is the first in a series of examples of how Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power can initially cut, then practically eliminate, everyone’s carbon footprint worldwide. The largest polluting sector in the U.S., as far as energy production is concerned, is … Continue reading

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Render the Debate Moot!!! Getting Over the Climate Wars.

A lot of time, energy and resources are being wasted arguing for or against the merits of the Climate Change/Global Warming/Greenhouse Gas debate.  Some debate that it doesn’t exist, while others are adamant that it will shut down the earth in thirty, … Continue reading

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Introducing Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power at TogetherWeCanFixThis

Lifestyle Neutral-Zero Carbon Power is a very unique concept being developed with the premise that most people resist any change that makes them alter their lifestyle.  This power source and its application will not require that the consumer build, install or maintain anything.  … Continue reading

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